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On reflection, the Breyer position may not be hard for a computer, although it certainly is for a human. Publlished in 1922, it is the forerunner of all those types of problems, and has always seemed to me to represent the second of the two great leaps in retroanalysis. The Loyd 1894 problem, which used a host of retroanalytic devices never before employed, and which still looks liked it might have been composed yesterday, would be the first great leap. (Did not mean to commence a debate here - - this is an entirely (!)subjective observation, and I believe all the leaps seen by anyone else are equally valid.)

Perhaps what is more challenging for a computer would be any of the "first move of __" problems, but I can barely get my computer to turn on....


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The Breyer position from 1922, as amended by the computers or not. Cannot be solved without trial and error.

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What's most difficult chess problem (with already solved/cooked only one/two) in the world?
I challenge all to compose difficult problem for crypthing purposes ;)

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