[Retros] A 1897 e.p. problem

Николай Белухов nbeluhov at abv.bg
Fri Feb 19 02:22:19 EST 2010

Dear retro-friends,
Thank you very much for the timely reply last time! Writing the translator's notes for the text, I had another puzzling encounter. In one of his articles from Shakhmatnaya Kompozitsiya ("A bila li nisha-to?", 9/1995) Plaksin mentions an e.p. capture chess problem from the "St. Petersburger Zeitung" newspaper from 1897:
10 + 13. White to move. What was Black's last move?
The name of the author, transliterated, is something like "G. Zeybot" or "G. Zeibott" (It could have also been "H. Zeybott", by the way; Harry Goldsteen is G. Golsteyn in Russian). I went looking for this problem on the CPDB by year, by source, by piece pattern, too, and by several possible spellings of the name that I could imagine together with wildcards. I also tried one or two other databases to no better result. Anyone ever heard of such a person or such a problem? G. Zeybot was the editor for the chess column in the newspaper, I think, so it seems possible that he could be tracked down in some way.
Best wishes,
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