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Proposal for a way forward:

1. We shold first come to a decision whether we really want to start this
project or not. The Project can only be successful if many of you are
willing to participate an provide content to the Wiki.

2. We should decide on the scope of the Wiki: Problem chess in general or
Retro only (which may grow to problem chess in general later)

2a. We should have a rough idea what information should be put into the
Wiki. I already started this on the main page of the Wiki. It's an unordered
list - please feel free to add items to this list or to restructure this
list. Please do it directly in the Wiki (by means of the [edit] button).

2b. After 2a is completed, we can setup an initial structure. However, this
would be a structure "by convention", and additional content can be added

3. For common types of information (e.g. glossary entries, magazine
information, tournament information) we should setup an example page. As
soon as we are satisfied with these example pages, we can use it as template
and start adding additional content.

After we agreed on 1., I will create a help page "Wiki editing primer" for
all of us who are not familiar with the MediaWiki software. This primer will
only cover the basics:
- How to make paragraphs,
- how to make lists,
- how to make titles and subtitles,
- how to make monospaced text,
- how to make small tables,
- how to integrate images,
- how to integrate diagrams.

We also have to agree on several organisazial issus:

- Who is allowed to edit? (all or only registered users)
- What about Copyright? (currently: Creative Commons
ShareAlike 2.5 License statement - is this ok for us?)
- We need at least two additional admins for the Wiki - any volunteers?)
- More to come

Best Regards,

- Otto Janko [mailto:otto at janko.at] [http://www.janko.at]
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> Hi friends,


> We were discussing with Nicolas Dupont about the necessity of

> having an ordered,

> complete and friendly source to easily get the PGs state of

> the art in every respect.


> We were focussed on PGs but after some interaction with Otto

> Janko this concept

> was extended to all the retroanalysis specialties.


> Otto informed us that he started some time ago a retro-wiki

> targeted to build such a

> source but this initiative had no too much success in the RML.


> It's perhaps a matter of communication, so I propose to start

> it again. We agreed with

> Otto that the best way would be to participate the retro

> community via this RML

> in order to structure the wiki (which is as far as I

> understand a very flexible tool) altogether.


> I would like to remark what I have in mind: there are many

> problems, articles, Awards,

> comments, definitions, etc, published all over the world; an

> endless ocean to be

> navigated lonely. When one is trying to go deeper with

> something it's a must to start

> from its state of the art, but how to get it?


> Magazines are the original source for most problems,

> articles, etc, but places like the

> Retrocorner are the natural (and indispensable) secondary

> source; other way, how to

> put the pieces altogether?


> This should be started by an Otto's message indicating what

> we should define first in

> order to build the wiki structure. The wiki is a tool and

> this initiative will make sense if

> the retroexperts collaborate filling it with contents; other

> way, it would be an empty vessel.


> (http://retrowiki.janko.at/. is already fully functional;

> nevertheless we should wait

> to edit it until some agreement about the desired structure

> is reached on the RML).


> Some messages from the retro community supporting this

> initiative would be very appreciated.


> Best,

> Roberto Osorio

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