[Retros] Twisted knights

Nicolas.Dupont at math.univ-lille1.fr Nicolas.Dupont at math.univ-lille1.fr
Sat May 3 09:01:06 EDT 2008

> There exists a

> pg with 14 thematic moves

> (P0000107 by Kornilov/Frolkin), but these moves include captures.

I wrote a short article called "Un camp intact en fin de partie
(Phenix 167). You can find in it the following entirely thematical game
showing the sibling in 18 :

Itamar Faybish

1.Cb1-c3 Cg8-f6 2.Cc3-d5 Cf6-e4 3.Cd5xe7 Ce4-c3
4.Ce7-c6 Dd8-g5 5.Cg1-f3 Pf7-f6 6.Cf3-d4 Re8-f7
7.Cd4-b5 Rf7-g6 8.Cb5-a3 Rg6-h5 9.Ca3-b1 Ff8-a3
10.Cc6xb8 Pd7-d6 11.Cb8-d7 Th8-e8 12.Cd7-f8 Fc8-e6
13.Cf8xh7 Fe6-d5 14.Ch7-f8 Te8-e6 15.Cf8-g6 Ta8-e8
16.Cg6-f4 Rh5-h4 17.Cf4-h3 Te8-e7 18.Ch3-g1

There is no reason for that record to be the ultimate one, as "camp
intact" is a strong condition. Probably 12 in the non-capture case is
more difficult to beat, but possible in my opinion.

PS : If we ask to one side to play only knight moves, the length record is
given by the following :

Nicolas Dupont

1.Cb1-c3 Pg7-g5 2.Cc3-d5 Pg5-g4 3.Cd5xe7 Pg4-g3
4.Ce7-g6 Ff8-b4 5.Cg6-f8 Cg8-e7 6.Cf8xh7 Ce7-g6
7.Ch7-g5 Th8-h6 8.Cg5xf7 Cg6-h8 9.Cf7-e5 Th6-b6
10.Ce5-c6 Pd7-d6 11.Cc6xa7 Fc8-e6 12.Ca7-c6 Cb8-d7
13.Cc6-a5 Dd8-b8 14.Ca5xb7 Db8-a7 15.Cb7-c5 O-O-O
16.Cc5-a6 Rc8-b7 17.Ca6xc7 Td8-c8 18.Cc7-b5 Tc8-c3
19.Cb5-a3 Fe6-c4 20.Ca3-b1

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