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Nicolas.Dupont at math.univ-lille1.fr Nicolas.Dupont at math.univ-lille1.fr
Sat May 3 07:06:33 EDT 2008

Hi Roberto,

> We worked this matter during 2006 and published in Problem Paradise a

> couple

> of PGs, not focussed on shortest length record but in the 6 knight moves

> to get the

> sibling and the complementary play strategy.


> I reproduce here the sending to Satoshi,


> ***********************************************************************************

> We made a research on the PDB and found that there are 15 PGs that show

> a mutual sibling of knights. We made the following technical evaluation:


> a) The arguments of all of them to justify the siblings are a central pawn

> capture

> or check protection.

> b) In these PGs the knigths move 8-12 times. There are no antecedents in

> the PDB of

> mutual sibling using just 6 moves, wich could be named as the "standard

> mechanism" in the sense of WCCC Halkidiki 2004.

> c) The homebase position is, in some cases, reached by the sibling side

> but

> not the oposite one.


> The Pgs we are sending here make the sibling in the standard way (6 moves)

> and the

> argument is the oposite side promotion instead of captures or check

> protection.


> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

> Jorge Lois & Roberto Osorio

> Argentina

> rsbqkbsr/p1p1p1pp/B4Q2/8/2P1PP2/P1p3K1/P6P/RSB3SR

> 32 single moves C+


> Solution

> 1.Pe2-e4 Pf7-f5 2.Bf1-a6 Pf5-f4 3.Pc2-c4 Pf4-f3

> 4.Sb1-c3 Pf3xg2 5.Qd1-f3 Pb7-b5 6.Qf3-f6 Pb5-b4

> 7.Pf2-f4 Pb4-b3 8.Sg1-f3 Pg2-g1=B 9.Sc3-e2 Bg1-c5

> 10.Se2-g1 Bc5-a3 11.Pb2xa3 Pb3-b2 12.Ke1-f2 Pb2-b1=S

> 13.Kf2-g3 Sb1-c3 14.Pd2xc3 Pd7-d5 15.Sf3-d2 Pd5-d4

> 16.Sd2-b1 Pd4xc3


> Mutual NN sibling (6 moves) motivated by double Ceriani-Frolkin with

> promotions on

> the knights' home squares. Black side finished officer homebase.


> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

> Jorge Lois & Roberto Osorio

> Argentina

> 1s1qb1sr/p1p2p1p/p2k1p1p/3p3r/8/2P5/PP2PP1P/RSBQKB1R

> 39 single moves. 13 + 15 C+


> Solution

> 1.Pd2-d4 Sb8-c6 2.Qd1-d3 Ra8-b8 3.Qd3-a6 Pb7xa6

> 4.Sg1-f3 Rb8-b5 5.Sf3-h4 Rb5-h5 6.Sh4-f5 Pd7-d5

> 7.Sf5-h6 Pg7xh6 8.Pg2-g4 Bf8-g7 9.Pg4-g5 Bg7-e5

> 10.Pg5-g6 Sg8-f6 11.Pg6-g7 Sf6-d7 12.Pg7-g8=S Sd7-b8

> 13.Sg8-f6 Pe7xf6 14.Pd4xe5 Sc6-e7 15.Pe5-e6 Se7-g8

> 16.Pe6-e7 Ke8-d7 17.Pe7-e8=Q Kd7-d6 18.Qe8-a4 Bc8-d7

> 19.Pc2-c3 Bd7-e8 20.Qa4-d1


> Mutual NN sibling (6 moves) with Phenix/Ceriani-Frolkin and Pronkin.

> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Very interesting ! Mine is unpublishable (horrible visible promoted
knight), unless if it is the shortest length record, but I doubt about

1.Pd2-d3 Pc7-c5 2.Fc1-f4 Dd8-a5 3.Cb1-d2 Pb7-b6
4.Pe2-e3 Fc8-b7 5.Cg1-e2 Fb7xg2 6.Th1-g1 Fg2-h3
7.Tg1-g6 Pc5-c4 8.Tg6-f6 Pe7xf6 9.Ta1-b1 Ff8-a3
10.Pb2xa3 Pc4-c3 11.Tb1-b2 Pc3xb2 12.Ce2-c3 Pb2-b1=C
13.Cd2-f3 Cb1-d2 14.Cf3-g1 Cd2-f3 15.Re1-e2 Cf3-h4

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