[Retros] The only move?

Joost de Heer joost at sanguis.xs4all.nl
Fri Mar 21 02:41:17 EDT 2008

Pastmaker at aol.com schreef:


> Please excuse me if I have not understood the description. The following

> problem, which I posted to the mailing list a couple of years ago,

> satisifies what I understand to be the requirements (one side has only

> one move, the other none) and presents the e.p. capture with 18 units:

> [6nr/5K1k/2bq1n1b/3prPp1/5ppp/6np/7p/8 (2, 16)]


> Black has no moves in the diagram position as it demonstrably moved

> last, and White has only one move: PxP e.p., mate.

I did a poor job in translating, and missed a part of the definition.

"Es soll eine legale Stellung (ganz ohne Retroanalyse geht es also doch
nicht) konstruiert werden, in der beide Seiten am Zug zein können. Mit
Weiss am Zug ist nur ein einziger Zug möglich; Schwarz am Zug ist Patt."

A legal position (so it's not completely without retroanalysis) must be
constructed, in which both sides could have the move. With white to
move, only one move is possible. Black to move is stalemate."

So you understood my translation correct, but that wasn't what Bernd

My apologies.


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