[Retros] Problems for Messigny 2008

Pascal Wassong pascal.wassong at free.fr
Sat Mar 1 06:19:32 EST 2008


I am starting to gather retro problems for the retro solving contest
which will take place in Messigny in May.

I am here asking composers to send me originals for this contest. I
need 8 problems, mostly proof games, but also one or two other retros.
One fairy problem is also welcome.

These last years, the submitted problems have been too difficult. So
I will favor easy problems. But if I don't receive enough
compositions, I'll use what I have.

Please send your problem directly to me (pascal.wassong at free.fr), not
to this list !

Also, if you include the solution, do so in a way that I won't see it
immediatly, as I would like to solve the problems myself, to get a
feel of their difficulty.

I suggest that after the competition, the problems will be published
in Phénix as originals.


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