[Retros] Promotion: legal order of partial actions

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Sat Mar 1 04:28:21 EST 2008

Dear Mario,

Black Bc7 would prevent from a mate after removing
wPe7. The author claims (as I could understand) two
partial solutions: remove wPe7,# or remove wPg7,#.
(Btw, generally in composition, I dislike this order
of actions while promoting pawns, but in the framework
of such an article it is quite acceptable for me.)


Mario Richter <mri_two at t-online.de> wrote:

> > Amusingly, in my copy of the article, in XI, black pawn

> > (correctly), rather than bishop, occupies c7.


> can you please explain what you mean by "correctly"?


> Thanks,


> mario


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