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Hard to trivialize intent.? Please consider this situation.? Black (our friendly obtuse player) is about to move in a position in which he is way behind in material.? He picks up his queen, which has several available moves, one of which can deliver checkmate.? Precisely at the moment that he puts the queen on the very square that would deliver the checkmate, he announces, "I resign.".

The rules say that the game ends at checkmate and at resignation.? Who won???A player?can deliver checkmate without knowing it, and if?he does so without performing another act that has some contrary significance under the rules, he has won whether he knows it or not.? Intent is not a factor in such a situation.

But (without getting into unusual psychological state) resignation is a function of intent.

Who won the game above?

Tom Volet

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Yes Tom, I agree the issue would not arise unless there is an error of some sort. In itself, "the intent to castle" could be derived from the player touching Rook and King in a position where castling is possible. Even if not completing the move, the intent could still be construed from these circumstances if the arbiter needed it to resolve a touch-move?issue.


The distinction I wanted to make is between "touching King and Rook with intent to castle" and "touching King and Rook without intent to castle" -?in a situation where castling is illegal. Since I can't see how this distinction can be made without?specific addtional criteria, I suggested to drop everything relating to "the intent to castle". Metaphorically I would offer the equal challenge of proving in court that "someone bought explosives with the intent of blowing up the bridge over the?local river" rather than "bought the explosives without the intent to blow up that bridge" - IF THERE IS NO SUCH BRIDGE.


I feel confident that any judge will rule the metaphor along the same line I suggested for the King&Rook touch-move.


Guus Rol.


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But Guus, as frustrated as one might be with such an obtuse player, aren't those exactly the reasons why the move would not playable in spite of an honest intent?? If not for an error or some sort, the issue would not arise at all.


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