[Retros] Three SPG's from Paul Monsky

Noam Elkies elkies at math.harvard.edu
Wed Jan 16 12:24:17 EST 2008

Nicolas Dupont writes:

> Happy new year to you all !


> Natch's verdict : [...]

Thanks for checking these; 2+ hours looks like a significant computation
for a 15.5 mover... Mario Richter meanwhile reports that he C+'d both
proof games with his own program.

> Crossed captures have been extensively studied. I remember a PJ

> (by Andrey Frolkin ?) showing 8 of them by the same side !

I didn't remember that, but then I didn't expect that
cross-captures in themselves would be new. The interest here
would be the combination of cross-captures with other elements:
in the 13.0 mover, both cross-captures are of promoted pieces;
in the 15.5, both Kingside Rooks must travel to the initial square
of their Queenside compatriot (with the cross-captures taking
one of the QR's plus a promotee). Have both of these combinations
been shown already?


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