[Retros] Three SPG's from Paul Monsky

Nicolas.Dupont at math.univ-lille1.fr Nicolas.Dupont at math.univ-lille1.fr
Wed Jan 16 12:15:10 EST 2008

Happy new year to you all !

Natch's verdict :

> 2krrnq1/1b1ppp2/1pp3pp/8/8/P1P5/2RPPPPP/b1BQKBNR (after 15.0)

Solution 1 (position 1679)
1.Pb2-b4 Pc7-c6 2.Pb4-b5 Dd8-c7 3.Pb5-b6 Dc7-g3
4.Pb6xa7 Pb7-b6 5.Pa7xb8=F Fc8-b7 6.Fb8-f4 O-O-O
7.Ff4-h6 Pg7xh6 8.Pa2-a3 Ff8-g7 9.Ta1-a2 Fg7-a1
10.Cb1-c3 Cg8-f6 11.Cc3-d5 Th8-e8 12.Cd5-f4 Dg3-g8
13.Cf4-g6 Ph7xg6 14.Pc2-c3 Cf6-h7 15.Ta2-c2 Ch7-f8

La r‚solution finit le Wed Jan 16 14:15:01 2008
Temps de r‚solution : 28 mn 28.63 s.

> rk1r2n1/bp2pp2/2ppb1pp/8/P4q1P/8/2PPPPP1/RNBQKBN1 (after 15.5)

Solution 1 (position 1497)
1.Pb2-b4 Pc7-c6 2.Pb4-b5 Dd8-c7 3.Pb5-b6 Dc7-f4
4.Pb6xa7 Pd7-d6 5.Pa7xb8=C Fc8-e6 6.Cb8-d7 O-O-O
7.Cd7-e5 Rc8-b8 8.Ce5-g6 Ph7xg6 9.Pa2-a4 Th8-h5
10.Ta1-a3 Th5-a5 11.Ta3-h3 Ta5-a8 12.Th3-h6 Pg7xh6
13.Ph2-h4 Ff8-g7 14.Th1-h3 Fg7-d4 15.Th3-a3 Fd4-a7

La r‚solution finit le Wed Jan 16 16:31:10 2008
Temps de r‚solution : 2 h 11 mn 42.25 s.

Crossed captures have been extensively studied. I remember a PJ (by Andrey
Frolkin ?) showing 8 of them by the same side !



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