[Retros] Die Schwalbe Heft 228, december 2007 again -- retractor history

Thomas Brand t.brand at gmx.net
Mon Jan 14 16:53:13 EST 2008

The "historical truth" is just different from Joosts opinion: While
Proca retractors were initially defined WITHOUT forward defense, the
Hoeg retractors were! For a historical overview e.g. see the Dittmann
book, pp. 154 - 158 and, on Hoeg retractors, Hoegs "On Retraction Chess
Problems" (1927).

So the 'retractor turn' is over not before the opponent decided which
man if any to uncapture. After finalisation of the 'retractor turn' in
this very sense Black may, if possible, play the forward defence. And in
this way the "forward defense" definition makes sense for Hoeg
retractors, too.

Regards, Thomas

Joost de Heer mailte am 14.01.2008 16:08:



>> Joost did not find a cook in my problem, because the uncapture of a

>> Bg5 is a correct solution,

>> while the uncapture of a Qg5 is only a try and does not solve because

>> of a forward defense.


> IMO forward defenses don't work in Hoeg retractors. Black's 'retractor

> turn' is over when he moves back a piece. That white adds an

> uncaptured piece doesn't give black the chance to say 'Oh, but now I

> want to play something else as a forward defense". No, black's

> retraction turn is over.


> Joost

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