[Retros] shortest Madrasi PG stalemate ended - Solution

raosorio at fibertel.com.ar raosorio at fibertel.com.ar
Sun Apr 6 09:35:53 EDT 2008

Here follows the best version we have of the task (the shortest dual free PG stalemate
ended under Madrasi stipulation).

Jorge Lois and Roberto Osorio
PG in 6.5 moves

1.e4,h5 2.Bc4,h4 3.Bxf7+,KxB 4.Qf3+,Kg6 5.Qh3,Kh5 6.d3,g6 6.g4 (# Orthodox, = Madrasi).

It would be useful to know the SuomenTehtäväniekat antecedent that Juha mentioned.
The very particular e.p. Madrasi paralysis allows this short PG that in a way (from the result,
not from the stipulation) "smells" as Argentine theme, which is a twinning a) H#n b) =n.


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