[Retros] Castling temporarily changed and repetition of position

andrew buchanan andrew at anselan.com
Thu Oct 18 07:26:26 EDT 2007

> > Nevertheless, the success of the Open Source movement in IT

> What is that?

The term is most commonly applied to the source code of software that is
available to the general public with relaxed or non-existent intellectual
property restrictions. This allows users to create software content through
incremental individual effort or through collaboration.

I suggest looking in www.wikipedia.org for "open source" or "open source

If anyone is interested in seeing the structure of Magic rules & tournament
guidelines, go to www.magicthegathering.com, and click on Rules icon on the
bottom right hand corner. Magic, the first & greatest of the "trading card
games" has been described as "a cross between poker and chess, with the flavour
of Dungeons & Dragons".


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