[Retros] Dead or Winning position 3-times repeated

Rol, Guus G.A.Rol at umcutrecht.nl
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If I were Geurt Gijssen (which I'm not, just one of his countrymen) I
would treat the arbitration issue pragmatically:

(a) spend a minute to decide the position is dead to the best of my
(b) ask the players if they agree
(c) if not, give the objecting player a few minutes to show a possible
mate by playing both sides

Even if the player would miss an unlikely mate that way, I would reason
that he could never have found it behind the board playing just his own
pieces if he couldn't find it easily by playing both sides! Quite a
satisfactory argument. Then again, dead positions are hardly ever
complicated and I doubt this would ever be an issue.

Guus Rol.

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Fide rules are not perfect concerning Dead positions or some
other time-board (like just discussed) situations.
The reason is there are no procedures to establish that the
position on the board is dead. There are many complicated dead (or win
anyway!) positions for which players should demonstrate their deadness
(or absolute win)! But who and how should show it?
A draw (not stalemate), a win (not a mate) or a loss (by
resigning) should be awarded only as agreement between both partners.
These notions reflect not a position but relations between players (like
in a soccer, for example: if one team is much better but did not make a
goal in 2 hours, then it is a draw, even we know that it would win if
the game continued).
Another bright example. The position below may end only by a win
by White, but what if it is 3-times repeated? (or White resigns?!)
8/8/8/8/2B2b2/4p3/4Pp1p/5K1k w - - 0 1


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