[Retros] Dead or Winning position 3-times repeated

TregerYefim at aol.com TregerYefim at aol.com
Wed Oct 10 20:58:14 EDT 2007

Fide rules are not perfect concerning Dead positions or some other time-board
(like just discussed) situations.
The reason is there are no procedures to establish that the position on the
board is dead. There are many complicated dead (or win anyway!) positions for
which players should demonstrate their deadness (or absolute win)! But who and
how should show it?
A draw (not stalemate), a win (not a mate) or a loss (by resigning) should
be awarded only as agreement between both partners. These notions reflect not
a position but relations between players (like in a soccer, for example: if
one team is much better but did not make a goal in 2 hours, then it is a draw,
even we know that it would win if the game continued).
Another bright example. The position below may end only by a win by White,
but what if it is 3-times repeated? (or White resigns?!)
8/8/8/8/2B2b2/4p3/4Pp1p/5K1k w - - 0 1


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