[Retros] Is it always right to loose because time?

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I posed this question a few years ago to International Arbiter Guert Gijssen on
his monthly chesscafe column.

Here was his response:

In summary, he said he would think about changing the rules if anyone could
supply him with real life examples of this happening! :-)


--- "Rol, Guus" <G.A.Rol at umcutrecht.nl> wrote:

> I agree with Joost that FIDE rules are clear on this. Interesting to

> note though is the relation to dead positions. Deadness is only assigned

> to positions where neither side can win and therefore draw is the only

> outcome. Why not declare a position equally dead when a white or black

> win is unavoidable? In the abstract world of composition such an

> approach would only be natural. The answer is simple though. This is not

> actually a chess game rule but a chess game management rule. Its purpose

> is to prevent abuse of the time clock by drawing out games until some

> flag falls. Such management measures are unnecessary when mate is in

> sight. But, if a 'win'-extension to the dead position rule was ever

> included, all selfmates would be half a move shorter :-)


> Guus Rol.



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> Franco wrote:

> > Hi friends,

> > let us suppose that after his flag's fall the player

> > shows to the arbiter that the only legal move

> > he had just was checkmate.

> > As example:

> > 1k6-ppp5-8-KP6-P7-8-Q2r4-4b3

> >

> > W plays Qg8 and then B flag just fall before he can move.

> > The only move he could do is just: Rd8 mate!

> > The Question is: is it right that Black looses that game because time?

> > I think no. I think Black is the winner.


> 6.10


> Except where Articles 5.1 or one of the Articles 5.2 (a), (b) and (c)

> apply, if a player does not complete the prescribed number of moves in

> the allotted time, the game is lost by the player. However, the game is

> drawn, if the position is such that the opponent cannot checkmate the

> player`s king by any possible series of legal moves, even with the most

> unskilled counterplay.


> This is the case, so the game is drawn.


> Joost

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