[Retros] Is this a cook or a new problem?

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Thu Mar 29 08:22:21 EDT 2007

Miksi sotket jotain 53,0 tänne?
53,5? Mikä se olisi?

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>CAILLAUDM at aol.com kirjoitti 29.03.2007 kello 01:09:

>Thank You Michel, a splended game. I spent some restless

>nights thinking how this can be possible. I tried via

>queenside like 4. - Nd3+, but it seems to last 28,5 moves.

>I abandoned castling, because it seemed to make a lot of

>problems in future game. Surprising, how You did it.

>Forcing wK to h3 seems to be a waste of time, but after-

>wards we gain it back. And of course this with opposite

>colours can be extended to 27,5 moves and it finally

>guarantees, that the original problem by Peter Wong

>has been cooked.

>I just composed a new problem, I dont know the solution.

>How long is a shortest game where both sides have made

>odd number of moves (final position is starting position,

>Circe and double maximummer). Michel's work suggests, that

>at least 55,0 moves is possible, but how about 53.0 or

>still less?

> >

> > Hello,

> >

> > Here is my solution in 26,5 moves :

> > 1.Sf3 Sc6 2.Sh4 Sd4 3.Sg6 Sf6 4.Sa3 Sf3+ 5.gxf3(Sg8) Sh6 6.Lh3 Sf5 7.0-0

> > Se4

> > 8.Lxf5(Sg8) Sg5 9.Ld3 Sf6 10.La6 Sh5 11.Ld3 Sh3+ 12.Kh1 Sg3+

> > 13.fxg3(Sb8)

> > Sf2+ 14.Kg2 Sg4 15.La6 Se3+ 16.Kh3 Sxf1(Th1) 17.Ld3 Sxg3(g2) 18.La6

> > Sxa6(Lf1)

> > 19.Se5 Sh5 20.Sg4 Sf4+ 21.Kg3 Sh5+ 22.Kf2 Sf6 23.Se5 Se4+ 24.Ke1 Sg5

> > 25.Sb1

> >

> > Sxf3(f2)+ 26.Sxf3(Sg8) Sb8 27.Sg1

> > (the sequence from 13th white move to 22nd white move seems to be

> > forced)

> >

> > Best,

> > Michel

> >


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