[Retros] Is this a cook or a new problem?

Olli Heimo olli.heimo at luukku.com
Thu Mar 29 06:42:48 EDT 2007

CAILLAUDM at aol.com kirjoitti 29.03.2007 kello 01:09:
Thank You Michel, a splended game. I spent some restless
nights thinking how this can be possible. I tried via
queenside like 4. - Nd3+, but it seems to last 28,5 moves.
I abandoned castling, because it seemed to make a lot of
problems in future game. Surprising, how You did it.
Forcing wK to h3 seems to be a waste of time, but after-
wards we gain it back. And of course this with opposite
colours can be extended to 27,5 moves and it finally
guarantees, that the original problem by Peter Wong
has been cooked.
I just composed a new problem, I dont know the solution.
How long is a shortest game where both sides have made
odd number of moves (final position is starting position,
Circe and double maximummer). Michel's work suggests, that
at least 55,0 moves is possible, but how about 53.0 or
still less?


> Hello,


> Here is my solution in 26,5 moves :

> 1.Sf3 Sc6 2.Sh4 Sd4 3.Sg6 Sf6 4.Sa3 Sf3+ 5.gxf3(Sg8) Sh6 6.Lh3 Sf5 7.0-0

> Se4

> 8.Lxf5(Sg8) Sg5 9.Ld3 Sf6 10.La6 Sh5 11.Ld3 Sh3+ 12.Kh1 Sg3+

> 13.fxg3(Sb8)

> Sf2+ 14.Kg2 Sg4 15.La6 Se3+ 16.Kh3 Sxf1(Th1) 17.Ld3 Sxg3(g2) 18.La6

> Sxa6(Lf1)

> 19.Se5 Sh5 20.Sg4 Sf4+ 21.Kg3 Sh5+ 22.Kf2 Sf6 23.Se5 Se4+ 24.Ke1 Sg5

> 25.Sb1


> Sxf3(f2)+ 26.Sxf3(Sg8) Sb8 27.Sg1

> (the sequence from 13th white move to 22nd white move seems to be

> forced)


> Best,

> Michel


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