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Rol, Guus G.A.Rol at umcutrecht.nl
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Franco, this might prove an interesting chess variant. I would vote against the artificial decomposition of the Knights move since it opposes the basic logic of en passant captures. The original idea was that a pawn could be captured on the square it "could have landed on" but elected to "pass by", which is quite distinct from the fly-over action of the Knight. The weakness of the idea is also demonstrated by the arbitrary decomposition of the Knight move. Why first "straight", next "diagonal" and why not the other way round (which delivers a different e.p. square)?

A question to ponder on is whether or not to allow for e.p. captures in the same line of action, e.g. wBd2-h6, bBc1xf4 e.p. Though there is no iron-clad argument to reject the validity of this type of e.p. action, there is a feel that the en passant concept should include the property of "cross-firïng" which is missing in this type. Whatever you choose, the extended e.p. definition should be tuned to the required formalities.

Guus Rol.

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Onderwerp: [Retros] En Passant Chess

Hello everyone,
I'm Franco from Italy.
This is my first post.
I would share with you all my idea about a variant chess I invented. I do'nt know if someone else thought about that before.
I call it:" En Passant Chess ".They are like normal chess, except that all pieces (King too) and pawns are allowed to capture ( next move)
an enemy piece ,just moved, which traversed a square under its control.
1 e4,e5 ; 2 Bc4, Bc5 ; 3 Qf3, Nc6
4 Qxf7 isn't mate because:
4...,e5xQf4 or 4...,g7xQf6 or 4....,NxQf6
or 4....,QxQf6
and if 4 Bxf7? then 4...d7xBe6.

1 g4,e6 ; 2 f4,Qh4+? 3 f4xQg5.
When a Knight moves, in order to apply the new rule, we must think its move being composed by 1 step Rook- like + 1 step Bishop like:
N f3-e5 = N f3-f4-e5 so it could be captured in f4 or e5.
After O-O-O castling white Rook could be captured in b1, black Rook in b8.
I hope you find this interesting for retro problems.
Could you tell me if my idea is new ?
Thank you,

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