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Mon Mar 19 14:40:12 EDT 2007

Hello everyone,
I'm Franco from Italy.
This is my first post.
I would share with you all my idea about a variant chess I invented. I do'nt know if someone else thought about that before.
I call it:" En Passant Chess ".They are like normal chess, except that all pieces (King too) and pawns are allowed to capture ( next move)
an enemy piece ,just moved, which traversed a square under its control.
1 e4,e5 ; 2 Bc4, Bc5 ; 3 Qf3, Nc6
4 Qxf7 isn't mate because:
4...,e5xQf4 or 4...,g7xQf6 or 4....,NxQf6
or 4....,QxQf6
and if 4 Bxf7? then 4...d7xBe6.

1 g4,e6 ; 2 f4,Qh4+? 3 f4xQg5.
When a Knight moves, in order to apply the new rule, we must think its move being composed by 1 step Rook- like + 1 step Bishop like:
N f3-e5 = N f3-f4-e5 so it could be captured in f4 or e5.
After O-O-O castling white Rook could be captured in b1, black Rook in b8.
I hope you find this interesting for retro problems.
Could you tell me if my idea is new ?
Thank you,
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