[Retros] Last move economy record, coloring problems

andrew buchanan andrew at anselan.com
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Hi Mario,

Thanks for checking these. I will make the corrections that you pointed out.

I will think about the best way to implement your suggestion to show the
coloured units in the diagram. It would require some recoding. Where a
solution is a sequence of moves, I want to show that sequence. At the moment
you can pick up the pieces and move them by hand, but I want the sequence to
be automatic like in PDB or Tim Krabbe's chess curiosities. Then there are
problems as here where the solution is a static diagram.


PS: I dreamed about last move colouring problems last night. How sad is
that?! :-)

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thank you Alain for providing this list.

> Any other thoughts and comments are welcome.

> 8/8/7K/6PP/4PPP1/3PPPPK/3PPPPP/8 w- - ;K-;C16;1

This works only if the additonal constraint
'Black to move' is added.

> 4B1K1/3NQR1N/4QK1Q/3NQQQP/4NPNP/6P1/8/8 w- - ;KxB#;C20;04a

A rook on h8 is missing, correct position is

> 8/8/8/8/5RP1/4RK2/4BRQN/5NNK w- - ;Q-#;C12;7

A rook on h3 is missing, correct position is

> 4N1KR/3NQ1QQ/4RK1Q/3N1QPN/4N1N1/8/8/8 w- - ;QxB#;C16;10

There's a knight instead of a queen on h7,
correct position is


> 8/3Q2P1/6QN/4K2N/2Q3K1/4NQQP/5NPN/8 w- - ;NxR#;C16;27

A queen on h4 is missing, correct position is


Just a suggestion: It would be nice, if the solution
section would also contain the correct coloring ...



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