[Retros] (Rol Guus) Longest Chess Game

peufe at tin.it peufe at tin.it
Thu Jun 14 17:15:45 EDT 2007

Hi Guus,
thank you so much for the articles
you have found about the question
I put. Bill article is very interesting,
anyway I think there is an imprecision
at the end, when Bill affirms:

<"Phase 5. Black captures the remaining white piece created by pawn

1 critical move, 5898 moves in all to this point.

Phase 6. 50 more moves, resulting in a draw.

A total game length of 5948 moves.">

After Black captures the remaining White piece
(necessarily Queen or Rook), on the board there
are only the Kings, so the game is just draw because article
5.2 FIDE Laws of Chess (dead reckoning), so 50 more moves
are not allowed.

Franco Fedeli

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