[Retros] The Longest Chess Game

Olli Heimo olli.heimo at luukku.com
Thu Jun 14 13:08:27 EDT 2007

Rol, Guus kirjoitti 14.06.2007 kello 19:08:

> Phase 6. 50 more moves, resulting in a draw.

> A total game length of 5948 moves.

Hello Guus and others.
You Guus have one extra phase. As Karl Fabel showed the
first phase could end with Black pawns on a4,b3,d2,d3,e2, e3,f3 and h3. This saves one phase i.e. 0,5 moves. And the
game is over when there are only two kings on the board.
So Karl Fabel's count of 5898.5 is correct using the 1947
rules. But with current rules Black is not allowed to move
say: 50. - a6, because he has the possibility claim the
draw by aiming to move his Knight. So the longest game
begins with 50.Nd6+ exd6 etc. thus missing one half move
from Karl Fabel's game and it is surprising that there
are no more losses before Black in his 5898th move captures
White's Queen or Rook. Olli.

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