[Retros] How many times could a Diagram be repeated during aproofgame?

Olli Heimo olli.heimo at luukku.com
Tue Jun 5 07:38:11 EDT 2007

Rol, Guus kirjoitti 05.06.2007 kello 11:56:

> Roberto indicated in an earlier response that he operates in the context

> of the retro-conventions in de Codex. The automatic draw indicated in

> article 18 takes place after the actual 3rd repetition has been

> completed. As an example, Proca problems may start from a drawn end state.

Very strange. A few weeks ago there were Guus's problen 7# on
this forum. Solution was 1.Bg8 Ne6 2.Bh7+ Ng8 3.Bg8 Ne6 4. Qf1!,
reasoning that Black can no more castle, otherwise Black could
have claimed for draw instead of 3. - Ne6. But think that Black
just made that move. Now White has option to claim a draw, but
he is trying to win. So he tries 4.Qf1, but then surprisingly
4. - 000. I have not read the article 18 in de Codex. I have
read articles 1-2 which tell that problem chess rules are due to
the on the board chess conventions unless for some special
reason otherwise stated. And I see no reason why article 18
should make any exception. I must read that article. Olli.

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