[Retros] HAP webpage updated

Mario Richter mri_two at t-online.de
Mon Dec 3 07:45:23 EST 2007

Dear Alain,

> ...except for 1.a3... I can propose the following:

> 1.P P 2.A P 3.AxP AxA 4.A AxP 5.PxA P 6.AxP P 7.AxP P 8.AxP+ HxA

> (AB, 2007/12/02,C-)

> Could someone (yes Mario, you're probably that someone ;) test it?

Your string doen't work, besides your intended solution,
there are many minor deviations like:
1.a3 a5 2.Nb1-c3 a4 3.Nc3xa4 Ra8xa4 4.Ra1-b1 Ra4xa3 5.bxa3 c6
6.Rb1xb7 c5 7.Rb7xd7 c4 8.Rd7xe7+ Qd8xe7

and also totally different games (again many of them) like:
1.h3 h5 2.Ng1-f3 h4 3.Nf3xh4 Rh8xh4 4.Rh1-g1 Rh4xh3
5.gxh3 g6 6.Rg1xg6 d6 7.Rg6xd6 e6 8. Rd6xe6+ Bc8xe6

Both example cooks show some difficulties:
The first, that 5. ... P 6. ... P without a later
promotion of that pawn usually will end in cooks.

The second, that often an intended game has a symmetrical
twin with the vertical line between d1 and e1 as the
symmetry axis.

Here is a correct string for a3:

1.P P 2.A HxP 3.AxP HxP 4.AxP HxH 5.AxH



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