[Retros] HAP webpage updated

Alain BROBECKER abrobecker at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 3 07:19:56 EST 2007

Dear retro-fans,

I searched this WE for first moves in HAP notation.
Of course François' work was settling the question...
...except for 1.a3... I can propose the following:
1.P P 2.A P 3.AxP AxA 4.A AxP 5.PxA P 6.AxP P 7.AxP P 8.AxP+ HxA
(AB, 2007/12/02,C-)

Could someone (yes Mario, you're probably that someone ;) test it?

Moreover, when thinking about it this WE i wrote the following:
"If two HAP notations have the same number of moves, the preference will go to
the one ended in mate or draw, then to the one minimising the number of
castling, captures, checks, promotions, Animals moves, Humans moves in this
order. "

So there's a (very) little scope for improvement.
For example: 1.e4 1.P P 2.PxP P 3.H# (AB, 2007/11/25, C+)
is better since it ends in mate.

I just updated the webpage with length records, first moves and an idea
for extensions. I also added that the *3 repetition or 50M rules
do trigger automatically (standard convention in retroanalysis i think).

Last, but not least, i dedicated the webpage to Mario Richter who
supported all our work on the subject while not composing himself.
Thank you Mario.

best regards, Alain

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