[Retros] Echecs Anticipes

Thomas Maeder maeder at glue.ch
Sat Apr 21 05:10:42 EDT 2007

peter.fayers at virgin.net wrote:

> In the latest issue of feenschach I came across Michel Caillaud's

> prizewinner from Messigny last year:

> 1sbqkbsr/1ppppp1p/5p2/1R6/1R1PQP1P/1P1B2P1/1PP1P3/2B1K1S1 PG 25.0, Echecs

> Anticipes Trouble is, I don't know what Echecs Anticipes is, and was unable

> to follow the German definition. Can someone explain, please?

"Ein König steht im Scach, wenn er im nächsten gegnerischen Einzelzug oder in
einer gegnerischen Serie von zwei Zügen geschlagen werden könnte."

A king is in check if he could be captured in a series of 1 or 2 moves by the
opposing side.

E.g. 3.Sc4+? would be a check because after that move, the black king could be
captured by the 2 move series Sd6-Se8.


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