[Retros] Fw: Bug in Natch?!

pascal.wassong at free.fr pascal.wassong at free.fr
Sat Apr 7 07:07:47 EDT 2007


I just tested v2.4 on my dusty Windows 2000. The problem is with the stack
size. For some very rare PGs, the default stack size is not sufficient.
Normally I augment the stack size in the executable file Natch.exe before
uploading the zip file to my site. I have probably forgotten to do it when I
created the v2.4.

I just corrected this problem and uploaded a new file Natch-2.4.zip, containing
the executable with a much bigger stack (1 Mb). I tested it with this PG, and
the corrected version finds the solution.

As there is absolutely no change is the source code, I didn't change the version

I suggest that Natch users on Windows download the latest Natch-2.4.zip from the
usual place : http://Natch.free.fr/


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