[Retros] Bug in Natch?!

Harry Fougiaxis harryfou at ath.forthnet.gr
Fri Apr 6 15:33:39 EDT 2007

Pascal Wassong wrote:

> I just checked this problem on my computer and Natch had no problem

> solving it. There is no trick involved :). Errrr, except maybe that

> I am running it on Linux.


> Can you please confirm that you encounter the problem on a Windows

> system ?


> Can you also send me the output file (by using the option --output

> <file>) ?


> Thank you for sending this bug report.


> Best wishes,

> Pascal

Yes, I'm on Windows XP SP2. The batch file I'm using reads

Natch.exe -t 256 -l e -v -o output.txt input.txt

Strangely, the output.txt file that I get with v2.4 is empty, 0 bytes. No
trouble with v2.2.


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