[Retros] Roberto's remark

afretro afretro at yandex.ru
Tue Oct 31 12:44:57 EST 2006

Roberto wrote:

> I think that it should presented as

>".... captured A stationary counterpart "

> instead of "....ITS..."

Dear Roberto,
Actually, I thought about the ⌠wording problem■ in the theme announcement. The article ⌠a■ cannot be ⌠universal■ because there is indeed only one ⌠counterpart queen■ and one ⌠counterpart bishop■. That▓s why I chose ⌠its counterpart,■ which I thought would be adequate for both cases: one and two counterpart(s).
The form ⌠a/the■ looks inappropriate too.
It▓s an awkward situation.

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