[Retros] List of SPGs

afretro afretro at yandex.ru
Thu Oct 26 01:56:47 EDT 2006

Dear Andrew,
Here is the list of the current records (sorry for notation in two different languages).
1.Cb1-c3 Pe7-e6 2.Cc3-e4 Re8-e7 3.Ce4-f6 Re7-d6
4.Cf6xg8 Rd6-c5 5.Pb2-b4 Rc5xb4 6.Fc1-b2 Dd8-h4
7.Fb2-f6 Rb4-a3 8.Cg8-e7 Dh4-a4 9.Ce7-d5 Ff8-b4
10.Cd5-c3 Pc7-c5 11.Cc3-b1
1.Pe2-e4 Pe7-e5 2.Ff1-a6 Pb7-b5 3.Fa6xc8 Re8-e7
4.Fc8-b7 Re7-f6 5.Fb7-d5 Rf6-g5 6.Cg1-h3 Rg5-h4
7.Pg2-g3 Rh4xh3 8.Fd5-c4 Dd8-h4 9.Fc4-f1
1.Pe2-e4 Pg7-g5 2.Re1-e2 Ff8-g7 3.Re2-f3 Fg7-d4
4.Rf3-g4 Cg8-f6 5.Rg4xg5 Th8-g8 6.Rg5-h6 Tg8xg2
7.Pe4-e5 Cf6-g4 8.Rh6xh7 Tg2xh2 9.Rh7-g8 Th2xh1
10.Pe5-e6 Th1-h8
1.Sg1-f3 Pe7-e5 2.Sf3xe5 Bf8-b4 3.Se5xd7 Bb4xd2
4.Ke1xd2 Ke8xd7 5.Kd2-e3 Kd7-c6 6.Ke3-f4 Qd8xd1
7.Kf4-g5 Ph7-h5 8.Bc1-f4 Qd1-d8
1.Sb1-c3 Pe7-e6 2.Sc3-e4 Ke8-e7 3.Se4-f6 Ke7-d6
4.Sf6xg8 Kd6-c5 5.Pd2-d4 Kc5-b4 6.Bc1-h6 Qd8-g5
7.Pe2-e3 Qg5-a5 8.Bf1-a6 Pb7-b5 9.Sg8-f6 Bc8-b7
10.Sf6-e4 Pf7-f6 11.Se4-d2 Bb7-e4 12.Pb2-b3 Kb4-c3
13.Qd1-c1 Bf8-b4 14.Sd2-b1
1.Pe2-e3 Pd7-d5 2.Ke1-e2 Bc8-h3 3.Pg2-g4 Bh3xf1
4.Ke2-f3 Bf1-a6 5.Kf3-f4 Pe7-e5 6.Kf4-f5 Bf8-a3
7.Pb2-b4 Ba3-b2 8.Pa2-a3 Pb7-b5 9.Ra1-a2 Ba6-c8
1. Ph2-h4 Pa7-a5 2. Ph4-h5 Pa5-a4 3. Th1-h4 Pa4-a3
4. Th4-a4 Pc7-c6 5. Ta4xa8 Dd8-a5 6. Ta8-a6 Re8-d8
7. Ta6-b6 Rd8-c7 8. Tb6-b4 Rc7-d6 9. Tb4-h4 Rd6-e5
10. Pg2-g4 Re5-f4 11. Pf2-f3 Rf4-g3 12. Cg1-h3 Rg3-h2
13. Ch3-f2 Rh2-g1 14. Th4-h1
1.Pd2-d3 Pe7-e5 2.Ke1-d2 Qd8-g5 3.Kd2-c3 Qg5-d2
4.Kc3-c4 Qd2xd1 5.Kc4-b5 Qd1-d2 6.Pc2-c4 Qd2-g5
7.Bc1-f4 Pc7-c5 8.Sb1-d2 Pa7-a6 9.Kb5-b6 Qg5-d8

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