[Retros] Mates to the black king on the 2nd rank

afretro afretro at yandex.ru
Wed Nov 15 01:41:05 EST 2006

To complete the set of mates to the black king on the second rank:

On a2
1.Pb2-b4 Pd7-d6 2.Bc1-b2 Ke8-d7 3.Bb2xg7 Kd7-c6
4.Bg7-f6 Kc6-b5 5.Sb1-a3 Kb5-a4 6.Ra1-b1 Ka4xa3
7.Qd1-c1 Ka3xa2 8.Qc1-b2

On d2
1.Pd2-d4 Pe7-e6 2.Bc1-f4 Ke8-e7 3.Pe2-e3 Ke7-f6
4.Bf1-a6 Kf6-f5 5.Pc2-c4 Kf5-e4 6.Sb1-d2 Ke4-d3
7.Pf2-f3 Sg8-e7 8.Ke1-f2 Se7-g6 9.Qd1-b3 Kd3xd2

On e2
1.Pe2-e4 Pe7-e5 2.Bf1-b5 Ke8-e7 3.Pd2-d3 Ke7-f6
4.Bc1-g5 Kf6xg5 5.Pf2-f3 Kg5-f4 6.Sg1-e2 Kf4-e3
7. O-O Bf8-e7 8.Qd1-c1 Ke3xe2 9.Rf1-e1

On f2
1.Pd2-d3 Pe7-e6 2.Ke1-d2 Ke8-e7 3.Kd2-c3 Ke7-f6
4.Bc1-g5 Kf6xg5 5.Pf2-f4 Kg5xf4 6.Pg2-g3 Kf4-e3
7.Qd1-d2 Ke3-f2 8.Sg1-h3

On h2
1.Pe2-e3 Pd7-d6 2.Bf1-a6 Ke8-d7 3.Sg1-e2 Kd7-e6
4.Rh1-f1 Ke6-f5 5.Pg2-g4 Kf5xg4 6.Se2-c3 Kg4-h3
7.Qd1-f3 Kh3xh2 8.Rf1-h1

And finally, a new record for mate on c2
1.Pc2-c4 Pd7-d6 2.Sb1-c3 Ke8-d7 3.Ra1-b1 Kd7-c6
4.Qd1-a4 Kc6-c5 5.Qa4xa7 Kc5-b4 6.Pa2-a3 Kb4-b3
7.Qa7xa8 Kb3-c2 8.Qa8-a4


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