[Retros] total homebase mate

Nicolas.Dupont at math.univ-lille1.fr Nicolas.Dupont at math.univ-lille1.fr
Tue Nov 14 21:12:20 EST 2006

That game from Roberto :

> 22 single moves. 14 + 14 C+

> 1.Pf2-f4 Ph7-h5 2.Ke1-f2 Sg8-h6 3.Kf2-g3 Ph5-h4

> 4.Kg3xh4 Pd7-d5 5.Pg2-g3 Pd5-d4 6.Bf1-g2 Pd4-d3

> 7.Qd1-f1 Pd3xe2 8.Pd2-d4 Pe2xf1=Q 9.Bc1-e3 Qf1-b5

> 10.Be3-f2 Qb5-g5 11.Pf4xg5 Sh6-g8

can be inproved as follows :

1.Pg2-g4 Ph7-h5 2.Ff1-h3 Th8-h6 3.Re1-f1 Th6-b6
4.Rf1-g2 Tb6xb2 5.Rg2-g3 Tb2xb1 6.Rg3-h4 Tb1-b6
7.Ta1-b1 Tb6-h6 8.Tb1-b5 Th6-h8 9.Tb5-g5 Cg8-h6
10.Rh4xh5 Ch6-g8

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