[Retros] Pins

afretro afretro at yandex.ru
Fri Nov 10 06:01:53 EST 2006

Hello to all,
Pinmates can constitute a category in its own right:
1.Pe2-e3 Pf7-f6 2.Qd1-g4 Ke8-f7 3.Qg4xd7 Qd8-e8
4.Qd7xc7 Bc8-e6 5.Pd2-d4 Be6xa2 6.Pd4-d5 Ba2xb1
7.Bf1-c4 Bb1xc2 8.Sg1-e2 Bc2-g6 9.Pd5-d6
Let▓s not forget about multiple pins as well.

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