[Retros] A quickie for category V

afretro afretro at yandex.ru
Fri Nov 10 01:30:01 EST 2006

Dear Hiro and Nicolas and all,

>> Category V:

>> bxc6#/...bxc3# etc., double checkmate (with/without en

>> passant)

Here is a quickie:
1.Pe2-e4 Sg8-f6 2.Pe4-e5 Rh8-g8 3.Pe5-e6 Pd7xe6
4.Pd2-d4 Qd8-d6 5.Pd4-d5 Qd6xh2 6.Pg2-g3 Qh2-h4
7.Bf1-g2 Qh4-a4 8.Rh1-h5 Ke8-d7 9.Rh5-e5 Sf6-e8
Resolution time : 1.76 s.

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