[Retros] Hiro's category B, b7#

raosorio at fibertel.com.ar raosorio at fibertel.com.ar
Sun Nov 5 17:54:44 EST 2006

This seems to be a bit long, but there are not examples for b7# yet.

21 single moves. 15 + 15

1.Pa2-a4 Pc7-c5 2.Pa4-a5 Qd8-b6 3.Pa5xb6 Sb8-c6
4.Ra1-a6 Pb7xa6 5.Pd2-d3 Bc8-b7 6.Bc1-d2 O-O-O
7.Bd2-a5 Sc6-b8 8.Pc2-c3 Bb7-f3 9.Pe2-e4 Rd8-e8
10.Bf1-e2 Kc8-d8 11.Pb6-b7
Natch, Resolution time : 0.38 s.

Roberto Osorio

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