[Retros] More Category D Onoda sequences

afretro afretro at yandex.ru
Sun Nov 5 15:44:24 EST 2006

Hello to all,
Here is a bunch of SPGs of Onoda▓s category D:
1.Pe2-e4 Pb7-b5 2.Bf1xb5 Sb8-c6 3.Bb5xc6 Pd7xc6
4.Pb2-b4 Bc8-f5 5.Pb4-b5 Bf5xe4 6.Pb5-b6 Be4xc2
7.Pd2-d3 Ke8-d7 8.Bc1-e3 Kd7-c8 9.Sb1-d2 Kc8-b8
10.Ra1-b1 Qd8-c8 11.Pb6xa7
1.Pe2-e4 Pc7-c5 2.Qd1-h5 Pc5-c4 3.Bf1xc4 Pd7-d6
4.Bc4-a6 Bc8-g4 5.Pc2-c4 Ke8-d7 6.Pc4-c5 Kd7-c8
7.Pc5-c6 Sb8-d7 8.Qh5-c5 Ra8-b8 9.Pc6xb7
1.Sb1-c3 Pd7-d5 2.Sc3xd5 Qd8-d7 3.Sd5-f6 Ke8-d8
4.Sf6xh7 Rh8xh7 5.Pd2-d4 Rh7xh2 6.Pd4-d5 Rh2-h4
7.Pd5-d6 Rh4-c4 8.Bc1-f4 Qd7-e8 9.Pd6xc7
1.Pd2-d4 Pe7-e5 2.Pd4xe5 Pd7-d5 3.Qd1xd5 Bc8-e6
4.Qd5-e4 Be6xa2 5.Pe5-e6 Ba2-b3 6.Ra1-a5 Sb8-d7
7.Ra5-d5 Ra8-b8 8.Pe6xd7
1.Pd2-d3 Ph7-h6 2.Bc1xh6 Sg8-f6 3.Bh6xg7 Sf6-g4
4.Bg7-c3 Bf8-g7 5.Ph2-h4 O-O 6.Ph4-h5 Kg8-h8
7.Ph5-h6 Rf8-g8 8.Ph6xg7
1.Pe2-e4 Sg8-h6 2.Bf1-d3 Sh6-f5 3.Pe4xf5 Pg7-g6
4.Bd3-e4 Bf8-h6 5.Pd2-d3 Bh6xc1 6.Pf5xg6 Bc1-f4
7.Sb1-d2 Bf4-g3 8.Ph2xg3 Ke8-f8 9.Rh1-h4 Kf8-g8
10.Rh4-g4 Qd8-f8 11.Pg6xh7

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