[Retros] Champagne 2005 results!

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Wed Mar 1 17:15:48 EST 2006


Reporting the ISC award, I realized with horror that I didn't post the
Champagne one (nobody asked?). Very very sorry...
Here are the problems and solutions.


1st Prize (v) Dirk Borst
SPG 17.0 (14+15)
(this version without apparent promotee was sent by Dirk only a few days
after the congress; much quicker than me...)

2nd Prize Reto Aschwanden

SPG 18.0 (14+14)

3rd Prize Eric Pichouron dedicated to Gaelle and Nicolas

SPG 19.0 (14+13)

4th Prize Kostas Prentos & Andrey Frolkin


SPG 19.0 (13+15)

5th Prize Reto Aschwanden

SPG 16.0 (12+13)

Special Prize Andrey Frolkin & Kostas Prentos


SPG 19.0 (14+14)

1st HM Rustam Ubadullaiev

SPG 17.0 (16+13)

2nd HM Kostas Prentos & Andrey Frolkin


SPG 17.5 (16+14)

3rd HM Andrey Frolkin, Mikhail Marandyuk & Kostas Prentos

SPG 16.5 (15+13)

4th HM Andrey Frolkin & Kostas Prentos

SPG 17.5 (14+13)

5th HM Andrey Frolkin & Kostas Prentos

SPG 24.0 (15+12)

Special HM Anatoly Vasilenko & Andrey Frolkin

SPG 23.5 (16+12)

Special HM Andrey Frolkin & Kostas Prentos

SPG 22.5 (15+16)

1st Comm Rustam Ubadullaiev & Igor Vereshchagin

SPG 18.0 (15+16)

2nd Comm Andrey Frolkin & Kostas Prentos

SPG 16.5 (12+15)

3rd Comm Paul Raican

SPG 19.0 (12+15)

4th Comm Anatoly Vasilenko & Andrey Frolkin

SPG 13.5 (16+15)

5th Comm Marek Kolcak

SPG 12.0 (15+13)

6th Comm Jonathan Mestel

SPG 4.5 (16+15)

Special Comm Allan Bell

SPG 15.0 Isardam (15+14)

solutions (all C+ except Special Comm)

1.c4 e5 2.c5 Qe7 3.c6 Qa3 4.b×a3 Bb4 5.c×d7+ Ke7 6.d8=R c5 7.Rd6 c4 8.Rg6 c3
9.d4 h×g6 10.d5 Rh3 11.Qd4 Nh6 12.B×h6 Nd7 13.Nd2 Nf8 14.0-0-0 c2 15.Kb2 Bc3+
16.Kb3 Ba1+ 17.Kb4 Rc3 18.Ndf3 c1=Q 19.Rd3 Qe1 20.e3 Rc1+

1.g4 e5 2.g5 Bb4 3.g6 h×g6 4.Nc3 Rh3 5.Ne4 Rc3 6.d4 Nh6 7.Kd2 R×c2+ 8.Kd3
Bc3 9.Kc4 b5+ 10.Kc5 Bb7 11.Bg5 Bd5 12.Qb1 Bb3 13.a×b3 Qc8 14.Ra6 Qb7 15.Rf6 Ke7
16.R×f7+ Ke6 17.Bf6 Kf5 18.Nd6+ Kf4


1.a4 h5 2.Ra3 h4 3.Rg3 h×g3 4.h×g3 f5 5.Rh3 f4 6.g×f4 a5 7.Re3 Rh1 8.Nf3
R×f1+ 9.K×f1 Ra6 10.Kg1 Rg6 11.Kh2 d6 12.Qh1 Bg4! 13.Kg3 Nd7 14.Qh5 Nb6 15.Nh4
Bd7+ 16.Kf3 Bc6+ 17.Qd5 Kd7 18.Ke4 Re6+ 19.Kd3 Nf6 20.Qa2 Be4+


1.d3 h5 2.Bf4 Rh6 3.e3 Rg6 4.Qf3 R×g2 5.Qc6 d×c6 6.Ke2 Bh3 7.Kf3 Rg4 8.Ke4
f5+ 9.K×f5 Kd7 10.Bg3 Rf4+ 11.Kg6 Bf5+ 12.Kf7 e6 13.h4 Ba3 14.Rh2 B×b2 15.Na3
Kd6 16.Rb1 Ba1 17.Rb4 Kc5 18.Rd4 Re4 19.c4 Bh7


1.c4 d5 2.Qc2 Bh3 3.Qg6 h×g6 4.c5 Rh4 5.c6 Rd4 6.e4 d×e4 7.Bb5 Qd5 8.Kf1 Qb3
9.a×b3 e6 10.Ra6 Bb4 11.c×b7+ Ke7 12.Bd7 c5 13.Rc6 a6 14.Rc7 Nc6 15.b8=Q Kd6
16.Qd8 Rb8

1.h4 e5 2.Rh3 Bb4 3.Rc3 d6 4.d3 Bh3 5.Qd2 Kd7 6.Qh6 Qg5 7.Be3 Nf6 8.B×a7 Rc8
9.B×b8 Ra5 10.Ba7 Rd5 11.Bc5 Kc6 12.g4 Kb5 13.Na3+ Ka4 14.b3+ K×a3 15.Rd1
K×a2 16.Bg2 Ba5 17.Bb4 Qc1 18.Rc6 Ka1 19.Ra6 c5

1.d4 d5 2.Bh6 Bf5 3.B×g7 Nd7 4.Bf6 Bh6 5.h4 Bf4 6.Rh3 Nh6 7.Rc3 Rg8 8.R×c7
Rg3 9.R×b7 Re3 10.Kd2 Bd3 11.Kc3 Rc8+ 12.Kb4 Rc4+ 13.Kb5 Bc7 14.Ka6 Ne5 15.Rb3
Qd7 16.Kb7 Qb5+ 17.Kc8 Bd8#


1.e4 c5 2.Qh5 c4 3.Qd5 c3 4.Bc4 h5 5.d3 Rh6 6.Bg5 Re6 7.B×e7 f6 8.Ke2 Kf7
9.Ke3 Kg6 10.Kd4 Re5 11.Kc5 Kg5 12.Kd6 g6 13.Q×g8 Bh6 14.Qe6 Qg8 15.Bf8 Na6
16.Ke7 Nc7 17.Kd8 a6 18.Qe8


1.d4 h5 2.Bh6 h4 3.B×g7 Rh5 4.Bf6 Bh6 5.B×e7 f6 6.Bc5 d6 7.B×a7 Qd7 8.Bc5
Ra3 9.c4 Re3 10.Kd2 R×e2+ 11.Kd3 Be3 12.Ke4 Qh3 13.g4 Bf5+ 14.Kd5 Bc2+ 15.Ke6
Kd8 16.Kf7 Rf5 17.Kg6


1.Nc3 Nf6 2.Nd5 Ne4 3.N×e7 Ng5 4.Ng6 Bb4 5.h4 d6 6.Rh3 Kd7 7.Rc3 Re8 8.d3
Re4 9.Be3 Qh8 10.B×a7 Rd4 11.Bc5 R×a2 12.Kd2 Ra6 13.Kc1 Rb6 14.Ra7 Kc6 15.R×b7
K×b7 16.Kb1 Ka7 17.Ka2 Ba6 18.Kb3


1.c4 é5 2.c5 Bd6 3.c×d6 Ne7 4.d×e7 Rf8 5.e×f8=N a5 6.N×h7 a4 7.Ng5 a3 8.N5f3
a×b2 9.a4 Ra6 10.a5 Rf6 11.a6 c5 12.a7 c4 13.a8=R c3 14.R8a4 c2 15.Rg4 Rf4
16.d4 f5 17.Be3 c1=B 18.Nbd2 b1=R 19.Qc2 Rb6 20.Nb3 Ba3 21.Kd2 Bf8 22.Kc3 Rd6
23.Kb4 Rh6+ 24.Ka4 Rh8


1.d4 a5 2.d5 a4 3.d6 a3 4.d×e7 d5 5.e×f8=Q+ Kd7 6.Q×f7+ Kc6 7.Qf3 Kb5 8.Bf4
d4 9.e3+ d3 10.Be2 Ra4 11.Kf1 Rd4 12.Qe1 Ka4 13.c4 d2 14.c5 d1=Q 15.c6 Qd3
16.c×b7 c5 17.Nd2 Nc6 18.b8=R Qa6 19.Rb3 c4 20.Bd1 c3+ 21.Qee2 c2 22.Ke1 c1=R
23.Rd3+ Rc2 24.Rc1


1.e4 d6 2.Bb5+ Qd7 3.d3 a5 4.Qd2 a4 5.Qb4 a3 6.Kd2 a×b2 7.a4 Qc6 8.a5 Kd7
9.a6 Ke6 10.Ra5 Nd7 11.Ba4 Rb8 12.Rh5 g5 13.a7 Bg7 14.a8=N Bd4 15.Nb6 Bc5 16.Kc3
Ke5 17.Nd2 b1=Q 18.Nd5 Qa2 19.Nf6 Qc4+ 20.Kb2 Kd4 21.f4 Ke3 22.Ka3 Q4a6

1.e4 c5 2.Qh5 c4 3.Qc5 e5 4.g4 Bd6 5.g5 Ke7 6.g6 Kf6 7.Na3 Kg5 8.Nh3+ Kh6
9.d4+ Qg5 10.Be3 e×d4 11.Kd2 d3 12.Kc3 d2 13.Kb4 d1=R 14.Ka5 Rd5 15.Rd1 Rf5
16.Rd5 Rf4 17.Rf5 Be5 18.Bc1 Qd8+


1.Nc3 c6 2.Nd5 Qc7 3.N×e7 Q×h2 4.Nf5 Q×g1 5.Rh3 Q×g2 6.Re3+ Qe4 7.f3 Be7
8.Kf2 Q×c2 9.Kg1 Qc5 10.Qa4 a5 11.b3 Qa7 12.Bb2 b6 13.Rc1 Ba6 14.Rc5 Bc4 15.Bc3
Be6 16.Rd5 Bc5 17.Qf4

1.h4 h5 2.Rh3 Rh6 3.Rd3 Rf6 4.Rd4 Rf3 5.e×f3 b6 6.Bb5 Ba6 7.Bc6 d×c6 8.Nc3
Qd5 9.Nce2 Kd7 10.c3 Ke6 11.Qa4 Q×a2 12.Kd1 Q×a1 13.Kc2 Bd3+ 14.Kb3 Na6 15.Qa2
Rd8 16.Ka4+ Rd5 17.b3 Rg5 18.Ba3 Rg4 19.Bd6 c×d6


1.a4 c6 2.Ra3 Qc7 3.Rd3 Qf4 4.Rd4 d6 5.d3 Bg4 6.Be3 Bf3 7.g×f3 Na6 8.Bh3 Rd8
9.Bc8 e6 10.Kd2 Ke7 11.Kc3 Kf6 12.Kc4 Kg5 13.Nc3 Kh4 14.Qa1


1.Nc3 f5 2.Nd5 f4 3.N×e7 f3 4.e×f3 Q×e7+ 5.Qe2 Qe5 6.Qe3 Ba3 7.b×a3 Ne7 8.a4
0-0 9.Ba3 Rf6 10.0-0-0 Rh6 11.Qc3 g6 12.Kb2 Kg7


1.e4 f5 2.e5 Nf6 3.e×f6 e×f6 4.Qe2+ Qe7 5.Qe6

1.g3 h5 2.Bh3 Rh6 3.Kf1 Rb6 4.Kg2 Rb3 5.a×b3 e5 6.Ra6 Ke7 7.Re6+ d×e6 8.Kf3
Nd7 9.Kf4 Rb8 10.Kg5 Kd6+ 11.K×h5 Kd5 12.Qf1 Ke4 13.Qg2+ Kf4 14.Qf3+ Qg5
15.Bg2 f6

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