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Wed Mar 1 17:15:46 EST 2006


Because he got flu, Eric Pichouron couldn't deliver his award for the 22nd
January as was intended. He could do it one week later.
And I am very late to report this, with no excuse. Sorry.
There were 4 SPGs in Eric's award. Here they are (with solutions below).


1st Prize Michel Caillaud
SPG 13.0 2 variations (14+13)

2nd Prize Paul Raican

SPG 23.0 (15+13)

2nd HM Michel Caillaud

SPG 13.0 (12+14)

1st Commendation Allan Bell

SPG 13.0 (15+14)

Solutions (all C+)
1P :
1.d4 a5 2.d5 Ra6 3.d6 Rc6 4.d×e7 Rc4 :
a) 5.e×f8=B Nc6 6.Bc5 d6 7.e4 Be6 8.e5 Bd5 9.e6 d×c5 10.e7 Kd7 11.e×d8=B Kd6
12.Bdg5 f6 13.Ne2 f×g5
b) 5.e×d8=N Ke7 6.Nc6+ d×c6 7.e4 Be6 8.e5 Bd5 9.e6 Kd6 10.e7 c5 11.e×f8=N
Nc6 12.Ng6 f×g6 13.Ne2 g5

2P :
1.h4 a5 2.h5 Ra6 3.h6 Rg6 4.h×g7 h5 5.Rh3 h4 6.Re3 h3 7.f4 h2 8.f5 h1=N 9.f6
Nf2 10.f×e7 f5 11.b4 Nf6 12.g8=B N×d1 13.Bb3 Nb2 14.Kf2 Nc4 15.Bb2 Kf7
16.e8=N Bc5 17.N×c7 Ba7 18.Nd5 Nb6 19.Re8 Rgg8 20.Be5 Kg6 21.Ne7+ Kh5 22.Ng6 Qe7
23.Bf7 Qe6

1.h4 b5 2.Rh3 b4 3.Rf3 b3 4.Rf6 e×f6 5.a×b3 Qe7 6.Ra3! Q×a3 7.Nc3 Qa1 8.Ne4
Q×c1 9.c3 Qc2 10.Qa1 Ba3! 11.Q×a3 g6 12.Qf8+ K×f8 13.Ng3 Kg7

1.d3 d5 2.Kd2 Qd6 3.Ke3 Q×h2 4.Kf3 Qd6! 5.Rh6 Qe5 6.Rd6 f6 7.Rd8+ Kf7
8.R×f8+ Ke6 9.R×g8 Kd6 10.Rd8+ Kc5 11.Rd6 Rd8 12.Ra6! Rd6 13.Rb6 Re6
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