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Some geographical correction transmited by Andrej Jakobcic (thanks!) :

Piran is today in Slovenia, although it is very close (5 km) to Croatian

I should not have make this mistake as I was present at the PCCC 2002
meeting in Portoroz (Slovenia) and on this occasion, Marko Klasinc organized a
little excursion to the very near Piran!


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(Approximative (I was not there!) historical background, not in the article :
60 years ago, there was no "world organization" for composers;
the structures we know today were initiated under the impulse of the great
yugoslav composer Nenad Petrovic; he was the man who made the first FIDE
Albums and ran the magazine "problem" that later became "organe officiel de la
C.P.C.E. de F.I.D.E."; he organized the first international meeting of
problemists in Piran (now in Croatia) in 1958;
a commission elaborated there a Codex for composition; and since on this
historical occasion composers world emancipated from players world, some
differences can be found on some points between Codex for composers and Codex for

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