[Retros] A rhetoric question

afretro afretro at yandex.ru
Thu Dec 28 02:45:29 EST 2006

Hello to all,

Andrew wrote:

> I think you are right that it is better to tackle

> a smaller group of problems in a focused way,

> rather than charging after hundreds of different records.

> I prefer ideas which are inherent in the chess itself.

> This is probably hair-splitting but that's aesthetics for you.

It is clear that the number of short SPG records is virtually unlimited: when all pawn mates and mates to king on all 64 squares are through one can proceed to shortest mate from particular squares, by particular pieces (or combinations thereof √ through double check), then to checks, captures, series of captures, etc. I guess the retro community could produce thousands of such records in a month. But does that kind of activity make much sense? More specifically, does it make sense to produce SPG shorties hundreds of which can be computer-generated in close to no time at all? Shouldn▓t we indeed concentrate now on longer, more complicated and more esthetic-looking records, taking our chance while the PCs being used are not powerful enough yet?


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