[Retros] Dictionary of Chess Composition Terms and its retro section

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Sat Mar 5 03:59:36 EST 2005

Hi guys,
After seven months of hesitation I have finally made up my mind to present to the Retro Corner society a book entitled Dictionary of Chess Composition terms (edited and published by our colleague from Kiev Mark Basisty). Mark▓s original concept was to collect and explain in detail virtually all of the terms used in Soviet and post-Soviet literature on chess composition and to publish the dictionary in two languages, Russian and English, so as give western chess composers a concise collection of Russian terms many of which, as is widely known, differ from those used in the West. The final product, however, was far from what Mark had initially planned. ⌠Typically Russian■ terms were placed alongside of western equivalents; the only English part is the Index of Terms √ otherwise the dictionary would have to be published in two volumes. If western colleagues display considerable interest in the textual contents of the book, however, the dictionary can still be published as an English-language edition.
All in all, the dictionary contains more than 1,100 articles and mentions about 1,500 terms. Apart from terms, the book includes the results of pre-2004 WCCTs and WCCI. No biographical data. Articles for the dictionary were written by Yuri Gordian, Viktor Melnichenko, Oleg Pervakov, Valery Shanshyn, Sergei N. Tkachenko, Anatoly Vasilenko, Yakov Vladimirov and myself. The unique, 55-page-long, retro section includes more than 170 terms (many of which were invented by ⌠the father of Soviet/Russian retroanalysis■ Nikita Plaksin and can hardly ever be found in foreign magazines) and 56 diagrams.
As the Retro Corner is unrelated to any commercial matters, those interested in the acquisition of the book should write to its editor Mark Basisty:
basist_m at fm.com.ua
Andrey Frolkin
March 5, 2005

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