[Retros] SPG theme tourney in Ukraine

afretro afretro at yandex.ru
Thu Mar 3 23:52:20 EST 2005

Hi guys,
I would like to inform the subscribers to the Retro Corner of an international chess problem tourney to commemorate the 70th birthday of Yevhen (Yevgeniy) Reytsen, president of the Ukrainian Commission for Chess Composition, Ukraine▓s delegate to PCCC. The tourney has eight sections and a prize fund totaling U.S. $ 1,500; the retro section is divided into two subsections: a) problems with retroanalytical proof of the fact that white has just a single non-mating move (i.e. in the diagram position white has a single non-obvious move that does not result in mate); b) SPGs featuring indirect unpin by a promoted piece, judge A. Vasilenko. The first section seems to be rather limited; the second, in contrast, offers diverse rendition opportunities.
Example: A.Vasilenko, Problemist Yuga, 1996-97, 3rd hon. Mention.
1.d4 e5 2.Sd2 e4 3.Sdf3 ef 4.Kd2 fe 5.Kc3 e1R 6.Be2 Qf6 7.Bg4 Se7 8.Kb4 Qf3 9.d5 Sg6+ 10.d6 Re7! 11.dc! f6 12.Qd6 Rf7
The results of the tourney will be published in the magazine Problemist of Ukraine; its copies will be sent to all the participants.
Problems (two copies of each entry, with the indication ⌠C+■ if appropriate), postmarked no later than November 1, 2005, are to be sent to:
Yevgen Reytsen
P.O.Box 47, Kyiv-186,
03186 Ukraine
Best regards,
Andrey Frolkin
Kiev, March 3, 2005

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