[Retros] shortest "invisible" castling in PG

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I have found a shorter version of Francois’ excellent composition:


SPG 8.0 (16+12) C+

wPc5 forces the order of the Black kingside moves, and also luckily blocks
pernicious cooks whereby bK wanders to d6 & back.




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All of which raises the question: what's the shortest (S)PG
in whose solution one side castles and then plays both King
*and* Rook back to their initial squares? Is this
within the range of your program? Apologies if you've
already posted the answer and I've forgotten...

Not sure this can be in the range of computer analysis before some years...

The shortest in Winchloe database is 8.5 moves :

Francois Perruchaud, France-Echecs, 14.06.2004


SPG 8,5 (12+16) C+


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