[Retros] Castling in PG's

Joost de Heer ildjarn666 at linuxmail.org
Thu Feb 10 17:16:37 EST 2005

> The shortest in Winchloe database is 8.5 moves :

> Francois Perruchaud, France-Echecs, 14.06.2004

> rnb1kbnr/pp1ppp1p/2p5/1B4p1/8/4PPN1/qPPP2PP/R3K2R

> SPG 8,5 (12+16) C+

You need at least 7 moves (3 to clear castling row, then castling, then 3 to go back), and it's almost certain you need another move. So it seems that 7.5 is the theoretical minimum, and this can be reached:

SPG 7.5 (C+)

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