[Retros] You are made active -- Possible Virus?

Otto Janko otto at janko.at
Sat Feb 5 07:45:11 EST 2005

Joost wrote:

> Please note that lots of viruses fake the sender-address. You

> can see which mailserver originally sent the mail in the full

> headers of the mail (the Received: lines)

True, but in this case the computer, which sent the virus, must have both
mail addresses in his address book or the browser cache: The address of the
mailing list and the address of Mario.

Thus, the mail most likely originates from one of the members of the Retro
mailing list, not necessarily from Mario.

Joost, can you post/analyze the headers? I cannot do this because the mail
was deleted by my junk mail filter, and in the archive the headers are not

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