[Retros] Question about correct stipulation (2)

Ivan Bender ivan at manor.hr
Tue Oct 19 10:07:14 EDT 2004

Dear retro friends,

First, thanks a lot to Joost and Mario for suggestions.

In the last post I wrote wrong explanation of the problem, so I apologise.

Now, I am writing this post with Nikola and it should be better.

The problem is:
4r3/1Q5R/1b1P4/4ppR1/8/2p5/2K4P/7k (6+6)
a) diagram b) Ph2 to h5 c) Qb7 to a8 d) -Pe5

This is Mario's suggestion for stipulation:

"After retracting his last move, white is able to mate in one. What was the last black move before the retracted white move to make this possible?"

Is the following shorter stipulation precise enough:
What was the last black move if white can retract his last move and mate in one?

or just: What was the last black move if (-1w)#1

or even shorter: (-1w,-1b)? if (-1w)#1

Is this the best way of writing the solution:
a) retro: 1. WPd5-d6+ BPe7-e5 and forward after (-1w): dxe6 e.p.#
b) retro: 1. WRg2xPg5 BPg7-g5 and forward after (-1w): hxg6 e.p.#
c) retro: 1. WPc5xd6 e.p.+ BPd7-d5 and forward after (-1w): Qa1#
d) retro: 1. WPe5xd6 e.p.+ BPd7-d5 and forward after (-1w): Qxd5#

Ivan Bender, Nikola Predrag
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