[Retros] First example of 'reverse mate' theme

Pastmaker at aol.com Pastmaker at aol.com
Sat Oct 16 23:30:23 EDT 2004

Hello friends,

Thanks to Ryan for the correction on the fen for the nnn example, and for his
kind remarks. Perhaps some day I will learn how to count.

In our 1979 correspondence Jim Mauldon wrote of athe ep minimal, "I see no
way of eliminating the promoted man...." He also sent the following example, in
which the unit on e3 (denoted "x") can be any Black piece (i.e., not a pawn):
2b1r1nr/5K1k/3q1n1b/4p1pP/5p1p/4x1p1/5p1p/8 Mate in 1.

But it is always an interesting epistemological issue -- how can we conclude
that the ep minimal cannot be done without promoted force?

I can't reach that conclusion, although I also couldn't see a way to do it.

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