[Retros] Installing natch

Pascal Wassong pascal.wassong at free.fr
Mon Oct 11 06:49:49 EDT 2004


>>>>> "DoctorSBD" == DoctorSBD <DoctorSBD at aol.com> writes:

DoctorSBD> I am no computer expert, but not an idiot either. But
DoctorSBD> for some reason, on several computers, I have never
DoctorSBD> been able to get Natch and iNatch installed
DoctorSBD> properly. The last time I tried, I received a message
DoctorSBD> that it was not a Dos/Windows program (Natch and I am
DoctorSBD> sure I downloaded the correct one), although I could
DoctorSBD> get iNatch running. Can anyone help? I would like to
DoctorSBD> try composing proof games, but without software to
DoctorSBD> verify, it is difficult.

This is not the first time that people tell me about this problem.
But I have no solution. When I wrote iNatch, it was on Win95, where
it worked fine. It also seems to work on Win98. On more recent
systems (Win2000, WinXP), those problem arise.

If somebody could explain me the origin of the problem or point me to
a solution, I would be glad to correct the code.

DoctorSBD> If anyone has a solution that would not involve dozens
DoctorSBD> of steps (like a zipped set of files that could be
DoctorSBD> simply unzipped, and run), I would be really
DoctorSBD> appreciative.

The workaround I use, is to run Natch in a console window on the file
saved by iNatch.


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